“Canadian Hemp Guitars” are making hemp rock

“Canadian Hemp Guitars” are making hemp rock

Everyone in Kannaway nation already knows that hemp rocks. But thanks to a company in Canada who is breaking new ground with hemp materials-there is now conclusive proof that hemp does truly rock.
Alder, ash, maple, korina and rosewood are some of the most common and sought after woods for guitar construction. The problem is, as Henry Ford pointed out, those forests take decades to replenish. Swamp ash requires 30 years to mature enough to be used for a guitar. And in the case of the endangered Brazilian rosewood, some worry that the forests will never be replenished.

Enter Canadian Hemp Guitars. Canadian Hemp Guitars creates their instruments from a hemp materials and composites. On their website they state that their’s is “…a new approach to guitar making that rewards the player and respects the planet.”

The guitars are made by master luthier Boyd Pellow. Mr. Pellow co-founded the company with friend and professional musician Stewart Burrows. He designs and builds his instruments in a 200 year old barn in rural Quebec. He bases his designs off of American guitars of the 1950’s and 60’s.

One of Canadian Hemp Guitars models

The guitars have a naturally beautiful look. They are earthy in color and feature a Les Paul-esque shape with an almost straight “Maccaferri” style cutaway giving one full access to 25.5” scale neck. The guitars are semi-hollow which gives the tone body and sustain.

Their process uses a center ‘sustain’ block made of pressed hemp (bast) back, sides and top. The company states that hemp is a powerful tone material, similar to ash and maple.

As company co-founder Stewart Burrows states they are “players guitars.” Although they are made for people who “think outside the box” they are not gimmicks-they are the real deal. And the guitars are, relatively speaking, very affordable. The MSRP is $1600, but you can likely find one for $1350 at a guitar store or head shop that sells them.

We love seeing a new dimension to the green rush and another unorthodox uses for hemp and hemp materials. This plant just will not stop giving.

Find out more about Canadian Hemp Guitars here

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Budget Controversy Raises Cannabis Questions

Budget Controversy Raises Cannabis Questions


We’ve been telling you lately that the majority will of the public is behind hemp, and medical cannabis. That will seems to be growing and lawmakers have taken notice. The Department of Justice, however, doesn’t seem to be getting the hint. Currently controversy over the interpretation of a federal spending bill is causing static within the federal government, and making some patients worry.
To understand the matter at hand we need to go back to last December when Congress passed a 1,603 page spending bill. Hiding within the bill was a provision that represents a shift of drug policy at the federal level. The bill states that funds allocated to the Department of Justice are not to be used to interfere with the implementation of medical marijuana laws within states that have passed such laws.

The bill says:

None of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be used, with respect to the States of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin, to prevent such States from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana.

Fast forward a few months and DEA and DOJ are still prosecuting patients in some of those states. One of the most egregious actions undertaken by the DOJ is proceeding with the asset forfeiture process of 3 dispensaries in San Francisco, and pursuing charges against a Washington family. The DOJ considers these people and dispensaries to be in violation of the controlled substances act.

After taking action, the DOJ told the LA times that the provision in the spending bill does not prevent them from prosecuting those they believe are in violation of the controlled substances act. The DOJ claims that the prosecutions do not interfere with the ability of those states to enforce their medical marijuana laws.

The controversy comes down to interpretation. The congressmen who sponsored the bipartisan spending bill have publicly stated that the DOJ’s actions and interpretation of the bill are “emphatically wrong.” The fact that there still has not been a legal precedent set through a court ruling feeds the DOJ’s actions and prerogative.

“The Justice Department’s interpretation of the amendment defies logic, No reasonable person thinks prosecuting patients doesn’t interfere with a state’s medical marijuana laws. Lawyers can try to mince words but Congress was clear: Stop going after patients and dispensaries.” Says representative Sam Farr (D-CA) about the issue. Rep. Farr co-sponsored the spending bill, and was integral in its passing.

This is a curious case. The DOJ claims they are not interfering with states rights, while the sponsors of the law itself say they are. It will be up to a court to ultimately decide where the chips fall. Perhaps it would be better to not leave it in the hands of the court; get in touch with your Senators and congressmen and tell them what you think about federal drug policy.

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Hemp is about to reach new heights!

Hemp is about to reach new heights!

Fiberglass, aluminum, carbon reinforced plastics, titanium etc. etc. What do these materials have in common? They are some of the most widely used materials in modern airplane construction.
What else do they have in common? The are light, and strong- ideal for airplane engineering. But one issue with these materials is the difficulty in recycling the plastic composites, and the environmental impact of its production. Aluminum and titanium can both be recycled fairly easily, the same is not true for the composites.

Enter Derek Kesek and Hempearth.

Most of you are familiar with the story of Henry Ford using hemp in early versions of some of his cars, and we have told you about the Mercedes that contain hemp parts. Combining hemp fibres with binding agents and other materials can create a durable, easy to recycle plastic similar to fiberglass. Derek Kesek is taking this technology to new heights. Literally.

Canadian Derek Kesek and his company Hempearth are currently working on the first airplane made almost entirely of hemp. The plane will be a 2 engine, 4 seater sporting a wingspan of 36 ft. and cruising speed of 210 Mph. Kesek and Hempearth plan to include 75% hemp components and to fuel the plane with hemp biofuel. Because of this the airplane will have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than a conventional aircraft.

Hempearth is currently raising funds to complete the hemp plane project. They are planning for an inaugural flight in Kitty Hawk North Carolina (the birthplace of flight) either this fall or spring of next year.

It is fitting that this iteration of airplane technology will take flight at the place the Wright brothers first flew over 100 years. The impetus behind the hemp plane is the same as that of Orville and Wilbur’s contraption. A genuine concern for the soul of humanity. A desire to bring us towards something great. The Wright brothers set the precedent, and innovators like Derek Kesek are utilizing hemp to make that spirit tangible in this century.

For more on Hempearth and to donate check out these websites:


Outside Magazine


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A Worldwide Movement-Cannabis in the News

A Worldwide Movement-Cannabis in the News

Pressure on lawmakers for legal cannabis and hemp is still growing, in the United States and abroad.

Georgia will soon become the 24th state to add a medical marijuana provision to their law. HB 1 sponsored by Representative Allen Peake ( R ) passed the house earlier this month. In an emotional ceremony on Friday Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed an executive order to prepare the state’s law enforcement agencies for the bill which he will sign in to law on April 2. The goal of the new law in Georgia is to remove the fear of prosecution from families who pursue Marijuana as treatment.

The charge for expanded medicinal protections is not only happening here in the states, it is cannabisexpanding to our territories and further. In the Western Pacific island, and U.S. territory, Guam a local group called “Women grow Guam” is working with the local delegate to the House of Representatives, Madeleine Bordallo, to ensure that Guam is included under the provisions of the CARERS act. Guam legalized medical marijuana in 2014.

Moving east in the pacific, lawmakers in Hawaii have recently introduced a bill that will expand their medical marijuana law, and allow for storefront dispensaries.

And much farther east, in the landlocked North Dakota lawmakers are telling federal officials to “Stay out” with regards to industrial Hemp. Although it includes no medical provisions regarding cannabis, HB 1436 establishes guidelines for farmers within the state to grow industrial hemp.

The pressure on the federal government to act with regards to both hemp and cannabis increases in the United States every week. But this trend of applying pressure to lawmakers is not restricted to the US. In Morocco noted political leader and lawmaker Hamid Chabat has called for amnesty for Cannabis farmers in the northern part of the country. Mr. Chabat’s amnesty could affect up to 80,000 Moroccan farmers currently at risk of prosecution.

Yet in other countries people there has been some pushback against medical Cannabis. The Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine are raising concerns in Australia and New Zealand. Their main issue is ascertaining information for proper dosages. Although the society is raising concerns, cannabis remains prevalent in both Australia and New Zealand; and medical trial programs have started taking place in New South Wales, Australia.

The green rush is not limited to the United States, Kannaway Nation. The power of hemp and cannabis is making change all over the world.

Oxford Dictionary Chooses Vape as “Word of the Year”

Oxford Dictionary Chooses Vape as “Word of the Year”

These are just some of the most recent words chosen as “The Word of The Year” by Oxford Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

They are an indication of recent trends that have become popular enough that they can no longer be ignored, and in many cases, popularized by their biggest fans.

And the word of the year is…

As you can probably guess, that makes us here at Kannaway very proud. Our HempVap product line has truly helped push the envelope for a product that is helping others to quit smoking and replacing that habit with something healthy that is allowing people to sleep better, feel better, and improve their daily lives!

One other thing to think about: as these words become officially recognized by the authorities on linguistic use, such as Merriam-Webster and Oxford Dictionaries, they are typically just beginning their journey towards mass acceptance.

In 2004, for example, when the word “Blog” was chosen as the word of the year, there weren’t nearly as many “bloggers” as there are today. WordPress, blogger, and other platforms helped popularize them. At that time, blogs were viewed by nearly 32 million people. That number has risen to over 2 BILLION people in just 10 years.

And the number of blogs in existence from 2006 to 2011 had risen from 35.8 million to over 173 million. Those numbers have only increased in the last 3 years.

So the Vaping revolution has only just begun, and Kannaway’s members are the beneficiary of that trend, along with “The Great American Green Rush”, which combines the hottest trend of 2014 with the greatest single movement the American economy has seen in over 200 years: the revival of Hemp.


USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/11/18/vape-oxford-word-year/19212351
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What is Hempcrete?

What is HempCrete?

Picture your next home. Imagine an angular yet warm building that seems to fit perfectly into the environment in which it resides. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but it created less waste and pollution in its construction than any other home in the neighborhood. Imagine that this home is carbon neutral and incredibly efficient.
With Hempcrete this dream could be a reality.

Hempcrete is a concrete-esque building material produced by mixing hemp shives and lime. Although Hempcrete has only about 1/20th of the compression strength as residential grade concrete,it can be used as a backfill and insulation material with wood or steel frame structures.

This use shows evidence of having serious advantages over traditional building materials.

Hempcrete has some serious cost-saving properties compared with traditional materials.

Hempcrete has a high degree of thermal insulation, and it is fire and termite resistant. Hempcrete walls are breathable which regulates humidity in the structure; while it’s insulative properties regulate temperature. Some companies have suggested that under the right circumstances the use of hempcrete could eliminate the need for a heating and cooling system entirely.

Other interesting properties include the fact that it scrubs carbon out of the atmosphere over decades as it cures. It has been suggested that Hempcrete can literally scrub between 130kg and165 kg of CO2 per cubic meter. This is due to the fact that it is a plant based product, mixing it with lime allows for the carbon reabsortion after it is processed.

These factors combined make Hempcrete a carbon-negative material. Carbon negative materials are defined by permanently reducing the amount of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With Hempcrete you can build a house and fight global warming all at once.

Here is a list of the benefits of Hempcrete according to hemp-technologies.com

High thermal insulation:

50% – 70% energy savings
Fire resistant
Termite resistant
Breathable walls
Design flexibility
Prevents mould
CO2 sequestration
Negative carbon footprint
Healthy living environment
Inherently Airtight
High acoustic performance
No waste
No Dry Rot
Natural Substrates for Plasters and Renders
Low Air Infiltration
no landfill waste

Hempcrete is currently being used to build homes and commercial structures in the United States and Europe. For more on hempcrete check out these websites:




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¡El Éxito Requiere Visión!

¡El Éxito Requiere Visión!

¿Qué tienen en común las personas más exitosas en la historia? Bueno, seguro que hay más de una cosa que los pueda unir, pero, si existe un hilo en común entre estas personas y el éxito..y esta es, una filosofía que los gobierna en torno a su visión.
El libro “El Arte de la Guerra” es un antiguo trabajo que data del periodo de las Primaveras y Otoños que representó una era en la historia china entre el 722 a.C. y el 481 a.C. Este período se caracteriza por la guerra y el tratado “El Arte de la Guerra” fue escrito por un particularmente exitoso general: Sun Tzu.

En su obra, Sun Tzu señaló la importancia de la previsión. El libro está lleno de citas memorables en cuanto a la técnica de la batalla en la antigua China y la importancia de planificar el futuro. Sun Tzu dice “guerreros victoriosos ganan primero y luego van a la guerra, mientras que los guerreros derrotados van a la guerra primero y luego tratan de ganar.” También dice “El general que gana la batalla hace muchos cálculos en su templo antes de que se libró la batalla. El general que pierde hace pero algunos cálculos de antemano “.

visionPero entonces te puedes preguntar: ¿Qué tiene que ver la antigua filosofía de Sun Tzu sobre la guerra con mi negocio Kannaway? Para responder a esta pregunta tenemos que avanzar unos pocos, cientos (miles) de años. Alrededor del final del siglo pasado, un conocido filósofo moderno, Napoleón Hill, tenía una estrecha relación personal con muchos de los hombres más exitosos de Estados Unidos. Tras una sugerencia de su amigo Andrew Carnegie Sr., Napoleón Hill escribió primero “La Ley del Éxito” al cual le siguió con su gran obra, “Piense y Hágase Rico”.

Hay muchas estrategias, que el Señor Hill escribe, sobre lo que se refiere a lograr el éxito, pero él insiste continuamente en la importancia de visualizar lo que uno quiere y la planificación de la misma. Afirma: “Acaricia tus visiones y tus sueños, ya que son los hijos de tu alma, los planos de tus logros finales.”

Para hacer una conexión aún más moderna a la sabiduría de Sun Tzu, un reciente artículo publicado en Forbes.com elogio la sabiduría de la visión y la planificación. El artículo sugiere que comiences con, literalmente, una pizarra en blanco, anotando lo que tú consideras que es la “personificación de éxito” para ti, y después añadir detalles… Y añadir más detalles… Y añadir más detalles … Bueno, ya captas la idea. El autor dice que tu debes crear una “visión vívida” para el éxito; esta visión debe incluir un plan de acción para el éxito y debe ser fácil de comunicar a los demás.

“Guerreros victoriosos ganan primero y luego van a la guerra, mientras que los guerreros derrotados van a la guerra primero y luego tratan de ganar.” – Sun Tzu

Esto nos lleva a la actualidad, y a tu negocio Kannaway. Hay, literalmente, miles de años de conocimiento reunido, de algunas de las personas más exitosas en la historia, de la cual, toda habla de la importancia de visualizar y planificar para el éxito. Es por eso que tenemos Llamadas de Visión semanales. En la llamada encontrarás mucho más que anuncios y noticias de la compañía. Es como la tradición de Sun Tzu, pero en la práctica. Primero vas a visualizar el éxito, después vas a planear para obtenerlo, y al final vas a tener éxito. Por supuesto que no va a ser sencillo, pero con persistencia, tampoco es tan difícil.

Ingresa a la llamada, asegúrate de que tu equipo esté también en la llamada y perfeccionar tu visión para el éxito.